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"I believe that every human being has potential to live the life they choose irrespective of their circumstances"

Trish Hancox - Life Coach

Meet Trish

Life Coach

Hi, my name is Trish, and I am a Life Coach.
I believe that every human being has potential to live the life they choose irrespective of their circumstances. Many people have been conditioned to believe otherwise and may become overwhelmed by life, their surrounding and environment so much that they submit to an unfulfilled life. Sometimes the world seems to have become too big for us.

In reality you do have the ability to overcome these problems and my role is to help you adjust your mindset to help you create the fulfilled and satisfactory life that you deserve.


Areas I can support you

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What is life coaching ?

A life coach is an unbiased, non-judgmental, action-oriented professional who helps individuals realise their full potential, through facilitating individual`s processes of connecting with their inner wisdom and making choices about their actions. A life coach provides the support their client needs to reach their full potential.  Through brainstorming they will assist their client to identify their obstacles, and to think about their personal values, belief systems and overall future outlook.  A life coach is a trusted professional friend and mentor who will motivate you to identify your life goals and hold you accountable, encourage you to be a stronger and better version of yourself.

I first saw Trish when I was experiencing some intense difficulties in my professional life and I was looking for guidance and support on how to best manage the situation I was facing.


From our very first session, I knew I had made the right choice in choosing and trusting Trish. She has a warm, open and trusting nature and she truly listens to you, allowing you to open up and really be vulnerable in her presence. This allows for her to do her best work - she uses a combination of her own professional learnings, her personal experiences as well as her intuition, values and principles, to guide you down the best path for you!


Trish’s sessions were empowering and enlightening and I left feeling uplifted, worthy, and able to accomplish anything I set my mind to. I could not recommend working with Trish any higher. She will change your life.

- A, from Zurich March 2021

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