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Meet Trish

Life Coach

My story
In my own life I crossed paths with fate, (teenage pregnancy, long-term illness and losing my home) I've had firsthand experiences of lacking, self-esteem, lack confidence, demotivated and not understanding my life purpose. I have now mastered how to overcome these obstacles and live a fulfilled life. Reflecting upon my life story I needed to understand how I managed to overcome each obstacle and start living what I perceive as my best life, confidently and without any fear of failure. When I discovered this, I made it my mission to help other people likewise.

I am a Registered General Nurse and Public Health Practitioner with nearly two decades experience of a unique blend of scientific and corporate backgrounds in mentoring and coaching experience. I am an advocate for life change and am dedicated to help empower people to create and sustain the life they desire. My first degree is in nursing and my Master's degree is in Public Health. I am currently retained by The Kusnacht Practice in a client support role.

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